I’m Christopher! I want to help both women and men fall in love with the skin they’re in through my passion for Beauty, Lifestyle and Wellness. It is my objective to use my knowledge and experience to help you sort through the complicated world of all the Beauty Products and Brands currently on the market today. I hope this blog will assist you  in finding the right Beauty companies to fit your lifestyle and that you feel comfortable in supporting.

I am a licensed Cosmetologist, who has worked in the Beauty Industry for almost 20 years as a hairstylist, makeup artist and esthetician. I have worked with some major beauty brands including Aveda, Paul Mitchell, Goldwell, Redken, MAC, Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent, Elemis, Shiseido, Dior and more. I have also done makeup for special events, fashion shows and print work. I am also a Yoga and Pilates teacher, who has taught in the Boston area for the past 7 years, as well as owning my own Pilates studio before moving back home to Orlando, Florida, where I’m currently teaching Pilates out of my in-home studio.

I remember at a young age watching my mother get ready and being obsessed with the products she used. In my teens I began experimenting with makeup on my little sister (my first model) as well as my friends and I’ve been hooked on beauty products ever since. I now consider myself a skincare junkie and can never have too many facial sprays or moisturizers on my bathroom counter or in my bag.


I launched this blog, my YouTube channel and Instagram account under Christopher Cupcakes as an outlet for my creative pursuits. I want to help both women and men fall in love with the skin they’re in through my passion for Beauty, Lifestyle and Wellness. I also offer Virtual Beauty Advisor services that can help you make sense of  what Beauty products are right for you. Learn more in the Work With Me section.

In my personal life, I am also a Book Lover, Disney Nerd, Francophile and Cupcake Connoisseur. My favorite color is pink and I can be found eating cupcakes or macarons pretty much all the time (hence the name Christopher Cupcakes). In my free time, if I’m not at Walt Disney Word or reading French books, I love being at the beach and can often be found participating in beach cleanups, and sharing the message of how we can protect our oceans and marine life.

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Achievements and Recognitions:

Also, make sure to check out my Yoga and Pilates YouTube Channel for videos on Yoga, Pilates, Vegetarian Recipes, Wellness and more. You can find out more about my offerings as a Pilates and Yoga teacher on my studio site, Pilates for the People.