About Christopher Cupcakes:


I’m Christopher, otherwise known as Christopher Cupcakes! I believe in spreading kindness, being your most authentic self, inspiring others, finding balance, having fun and the color pink. I’m basically a flamingo!

That’s probably why my spirit animal is the flamingo. Flamingos represent a more vibrant, outgoing, well balanced and resourceful life. Something I think we all inspire to have. Flamingos also represent my favorite color, pink! Pink is a peaceful, charming hue that resonates with harmony, friendship, openness, tenderness and a smattering of romance. All traits that I hope I embody in my relationships with others. The pink flamingo represents serenity and a contented life. And who doesn’t want that?

The French have a saying, “bein dans sa peau”, which loosely translates as “being well in one own’s skin”. To me this really sums up what my purpose is and the point of this blog. It is about everything it takes to be comfortable in your own skin, from the world we live in, to what we put in and on our bodies, to how we care for ourselves physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

My mission is to help both women and men fall in love with the skin they’re in through my passion for Beauty, Lifestyle and Wellness. I am on a Clean Beauty journey to remove toxic and irritating ingredients from my beauty, skincare and personal care products. Christopher Cupcakes is my online diary where a I document my knowledge and experience on Beauty, Wellness and Lifestyle topics as a resource for others. It is my hope that this blog will inspire, uplift, and educate others.

My Experience and Expertise:

I am a licensed Cosmetologist, who has worked in the Beauty Industry for almost 20 years as a hairstylist, makeup artist and esthetician. I have worked with some major beauty brands including Aveda, Paul Mitchell, Goldwell, Redken, MAC, Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent, Elemis, Shiseido, Dior and more. I have also done makeup for special events, fashion shows and print work.

I’m currently on a clean beauty journey to remove toxic products from my life and focus on clean and natural beauty products that nourish my skin and help it to look it’s best.

 I have also taught Yoga and Pilates in the Boston and Central Massachusetts areas for several years in many local area studios and gyms such as YMCA, H.Y.P. Studios, Pilates by Gwen, The Core Connection, Beacon Hill Athletic Club, Fit Studio 28 and had several corporate and private clients. I owned my own studio, Worcester Pilates, before moving back home to sunny Florida in Summer 2018.

I am a comprehensively trained & certified Pilates teacher, gaining certifications through both Power Pilates and Peak Pilates. I have over 600+ hours of training and experience on all of the Pilates apparatus including mat, reformer, tower, chairs, barrels and all auxiliary equipment. 

I am also a 200 Hour certified yoga teacher and mostly teach Vinyasa and Gentle Yoga, as well as workshops on Spinal Mobility, Back Health, Meditation and the Chakras. In addition I am an Author, Certified Herbalist, an Accountability Coach and Certified Wellness Coach.

My Story:

I personally struggled with negative body image and my self confidence for decades. I punished my body with an eating disorder in my teens, twenties, and early thirties. The truth is that I never felt comfortable in my body and used dieting and intense exercise to try to feel better about myself. However, even at my thinnest, I still hated my body.

Now I use my experience to help others on their personal wellness journey to learn how to become comfortable in their own skin. I help guide others to make healthier choices to achieve their goals and to find the best versions of themselves. It isn’t about a number on the scale or fitting into a smaller size at lululemon. This is about meeting your body where it is right now, accepting and loving your body, and moving for the sake of moving so that you may find strength, flexibility and ease in your own body. Exercise and movement should be a way to celebrate your body, not punish it.

More on me:

In my personal life I’m a father to my rescue dog, Harley, an anatomy geek, avid reader and book lover, Disney nerd, Francophile, and cupcake connoisseur. My favorite color is pink and I can usually be found eating cupcakes or macarons pretty much all the time (hence the nickname Christopher Cupcakes). In my free time, you can usually find me at Walt Disney Word or reading French books while listening to Edith Piaf.

Posts on Christopher Cupcakes will feature informative posts on Clean Beauty & Natural, Non-Toxic Skincare, Wellness topics such as Yoga, Pilates and Meditation, Faith and Spirituality and other Lifestyle topics. I will also include posts about Orlando and areas throughout my home state of Florida.

Contact Me:

I would love to hear from you! Please feel free to send me an email or contact me via social media, whether that be for PR reasons or if you would like to ask me a question. I’ll respond as soon as I can.

Email: christopher.cupcakes1@gmail.com

Instagram: @christopher.cupcakes

I love working with brands and showcasing them on my Instagram and blog. If you would like me to try and review your products and promote your brand, please reach out to me via the email above. I have collaborated with some major brands to create original digital content to promote their products, such as:

  • Truly Beauty
  • Pixi Beauty
  • Apex Drop PR
  • Clean Juice
  • Earth Harbour
  • Piperberry
  • and more