Self Love Unicorn Podcast – Episode 3 – Body Positivity and Weight Loss

The one thing I get asked all the time is how can I work in the Fitness Industry as a Yoga and Pilates teacher and be Body Positive? How can I call myself a Body Positive Movement supporter when I have clients who want to focus on weight loss?

Well first off, for me, Body Positivity is about being comfortable in your own skin, whatever that is for YOU. And it is not about living up to someone else’s standards of what Beauty, Health or Wellness is. It is about finding your OWN version of what healthy is and finding your way to that. Instead of living up to some ideal body you see in ads or social media, which are just trying to sell you some diet shake or workout plan. That is what I teach my clients.

I help my clients to feel more comfortable in their own skin and set goals that are not based on trying to fit into a size two at lululemon or achieving a certain number on the scale. There are so many added benefits to working out that are not based on weight loss: relieving stress, increasing flexibility, improving bone density, helping you find better posture and so much more. And that is what I get my clients to focus on instead of weight loss.

And when we feel more comfortable in our own skin, we can begin to find a bit more self love and self confidence. Don’t we all want that? If you struggle with body image issues we can work together to help you bust out of the need to look a certain way and learn to love the skin you’re in. See the Work With Me section for more information.

In today’s podcast episode, I dive a bit deeper into this. Please give it a listen and don’t forget to like, comment and subscribe. Stay fabulous and let your inner unicorn sparkle!

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