My May Favorites: Beauty and Books

Favorite videos are some of my favorites to watch and record (pun intended). I think when someone speaks to a product as one that is a favorite, then you know that it is a product that they truly love. I feel these are products that I want to try too.

So I love sharing my personal favorites in hopes that you will find a product to love as well. In this post, I’ll be covering recent products that I have quickly fallen in love with and they have moved up to the top of my list as products that I am currently using regularly. Click the picture or link provided to learn more about the products or to purchase them for yourself.

Christian Dior Hydralife Micellar Cleansing Milk

I really love products that hydrate as they cleanse so I’ve become really fond of cleansing oils and cleansing milks. I received this Dior Hydralife Cleansing Milk as a birthday present and I’m so in love with it. It is great for dry and sensitive skin types to gently cleanse the skin while leaving a soft, hydrated feeling behind.

In order to keep my skin well hydrated, I tend to skip using foaming cleansers and I don’t cleanse my skin with water in the morning. Instead, after shaving, I use a pump of this on a cotton round to cleanse the skin. It leaves my skin so soft and feeling fresh. Also, everything I put on top for my morning skincare routine works well with this.

Vichy Mineral 89 Serum

Since moving back to Florida, my skin has become drier than ever. I love using a Hylarounic Acid serum to give a nice hydrating boost to my skin. This Vichy Mineral 89 Serum has been my favorite of all of the ones I’ve tried. It has a thick gel like consistency, but absorbs quickly into the skin. It works well with other products and I even have added a drop or two to other serums like my Vitamin C serums to create a wonderful cocktail for the skin. Pretty much everything I’ve tried from Vichy has been a win.

Christian Dior Capture Youth Age Delay Advanced Cream

This was the product that started my love of Christian Dior skincare. After finishing up my Guerlain Orchidee Imperiale skincare, I wanted to try something new so I turned to Dior. I started with the Christian Dior Capture Youth Age Delay Advanced Cream and instantly fell in love. It has a beautiful texture that instantly absorbs into skin. It leaves skin with this beautifully hydrated and soft feel. I use this at night and in the morning my skin is glowing, plumped and smooth. I started trying more Dior skincare and have fallen in love with everything I’ve tried.

Memebox I Dew Care Cake My Day Mask

I had to try this, because…I mean cake. Memebox I Dew Care Cake My Day Hydrating Mask literally smells like cake batter or cake frosting. However, the mask actually works really well. It leaves skin hydrated and very plumped. I use this like once a week and it is by far the best hydrating mask I have ever used.

Native Coconut and Vanilla Deodorant

I have dry and sensitive skin and that applies to every inch of skin on my body, especially my under arms. Most commercial deodorants really irritate my skin, causing burning, itching and redness. The only two that have worked well for me are the Weleda spray deodorants and this Native Coconut and Vanilla Natural Deodorant. It has a pleasant scent, works well as far as keeping me feeling fresh and clean, and has not irritated my skin at all.

Nuxe Dry Oil for Face, Hair and Body

Nuxe Huille Prodigieuse Dry Oil is a cult beauty favorite that I’ve seen others post about for years, but I never broke down to actually purchase it. I recently decided to give it a go and I’m so glad I did. It is a combination of some pretty amazing oils including jojoba oil, borage oil, camellia oil and more. The first thing that draws you in is the gorgeous scent of orange blossom, magnolia and vanilla. The oil can be used pretty much anywhere: on the body after you shower, as a treatment for hair and to tame frizz and as a boost for your facial moisturizer. Read my full review here.

Christian Dior Diorissimo

I’ve been cheating on Guerlain and buying more products from Christian Dior including both skincare and fragrances. I recently purchased Diorissimo by Christian Dior because it was one of the actual fragrances that Christian Dior himself helped to create. It has a gorgeous scent of Lily of the Valley as well as Ylang Ylang and Jasmine. This is a beautiful white floral with some green notes that makes it perfect for Spring and Summer. Read my full review of Diorissimo here.

Tarte Sugar Rush Best Bud Lip Balm

Tarte recently released a new line of products called Sugar Rush. This is like the cute and fun little sister to Tarte Cosmetics. One of the products I recently picked up was the Tarte Sugar Rush Best Bud Lip Butter Balm. It has a lovely and thick texture plus it smells like cake batter or frosting. It moisturizes really well and gives a little bit of shine to the lips. As far as lip balms go, it is pretty nice and one that I carry often.

Madame Chic Book Series by Jennifer L. Scott

The Madame Chic series of books by Jennifer L. Scott are ones that I’ve been reading a lot lately. I’m currently on book three in the series. The books are all about how to live a more glamorous and well poised life through Scott’s experiences in living with a French family in Paris. They are very easy to read and have some great tips that we can all incorporate into our lives to add a bit more chicness.

Dior by Dior – Christian Dior

Ok, I will admit, I’ve become a little bit obsessed with Christian Dior. I have recently been purchasing Dior skincare and fragrances. I also wanted to learn a bit more about the man himself, so I picked up Dior by Dior which is Christian Dior’s autobiography. The book is a fascinating read and details how he started in fashion and created his own fashion house, Maison Dior. It gives a detailed account of everything it took to create his first fashion show. I highly recommend you pick this up, especially if you have any interest in how the fashion industry works.

A Paris Apartment by Michele Gable

I recently picked up a copy of A Paris Apartment by Michele Gable. This is seriously one of the most intriguing books I’ve read in a very long time. Based on a fascinating true story, I was engrossed in this book from the first chapter. I even found myself putting the book down to research people and events mentioned in the book. It gained my interest in learning more about the Belle Epoque period of Paris and some of its main characters. I highly recommend this book, it is one of the best historical fiction books I have read in a very long time.

To learn more about the items mentioned and more an in-depth review, please watch the video below. What are you currently in love with right now? Let me know in the comments.

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