French Find Friday – Feret Parfumeur

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I’ve recently joined Maggie from Fresh Visage on Instagram for French Find Fridays (#frenchfindfridays), where we share some of our recent finds in French Beauty Products. Due to some family issues this past week, I’m a little late on this post, but I did mange to put up my post up on Instagram (@christopher.cupcakes) so make sure to follow me there to see my post every Friday going forward.

I recently discovered Feret Parfumeur and just had to share the products I recently purchased from them.

Feret Perfumeur was founded in 1865 and is still a family run company to this day. The company makes classic French Beauty products using high quality botanical ingredients.

Hyalomiel Hand Jelly

What They Say: Despite the seasons, retain the freshness of your complexion, the delicate scent of rose for your hands, for your skin the gentleness of honey.
Nature has its own laws and day after day your hands face its challenges as time passes. It is easier to prevent ageing than to repair it. An effective daily treatment is essential. Using Hyalomiel generously throughout the year gives your hands the freshness and the elasticity of youth.

Hyalomiel beautifully moisturizes, soothes and refreshes. No synthetic process can replace the natural benefits of our organic honey that constitutes your Hyalomiel. For men and women. Hyalomiel is a gel, non greasy, that does not stain and without parabens. Recent dermatological tests clearly demonstrate its effectiveness. Tested under dermatological control.

My Review: At first, I was a little unsure of the idea of using a jelly like product on my hands, as I’m so used to using a heavy cream. However, I rather like this. It leaves the hands feeling soft, refreshed and protected. The scent is light and pleasant. I really love how the product absorbs quickly into the skin.

Le Baume

What They Say: 100% natural balm with organic honey and dandelion, rose powder 50ml. For men and women.
Use of this unique balm will prevent chapping, cracked and dry, tight skin.
At a time when we are looking for natural beauty solutions without artificial ingredients, its completely natural ingredients hydrate and calm damaged skin.

My Review: This little product has already become a holy grail for me. I’ve mostly been using it as a lip balm and it is pure heaven. A little bit goes along way and leaves skin super soft and hydrated. The mixture of shea butters, sunflower oil, honey and more is just so gorgeous on the skin. The scent of rose is light and very pleasing as well. I’ve also loved using this on the hands and cuticles.


I’ve also recently finished The Paris Bath and Beauty Book by Chrissy Callahan and it is as if she wrote this book exclusively for me. It is full of secrets from French Woman on finding that “je ne sais quoi” that they seem to have when it comes to Beauty and Fashion. It is also chock full of amazing, naturally-based, DIY Beauty recipes which I can’t wait to try out.

Let me know in the comments what products you have discovered recently and fallen in love.

au revoir!



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