Coffee Chat With Chris – Body Positive – Disordered Eating Recovery

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Sharing my body image issues and my recovery from an eating disorder is something I have always wanted to share with others, but never had the courage to do so. Until now.

Eating disorders, disordered eating and negative body image issues are quickly growing among men, but it’s seldom talked about. In our world of “man up” it is often hard for men to come forward and talk about their struggles with these bodies we live in. However, we are starting to see more men stepping up and talking about these struggles as the Body Positive movement grows. I hope that I can be a loud voice in this movement.

From my teens and into my thirties, I struggled with an eating disorder. It wasn’t only until recently that I’ve been able to speak about it and talked to friends and family about what I went through and why. Even day, while in recovery, I still have moments or triggers, but I’ve learned to deal with those. Everyday, I work hard to accept and love this body I’m in and to work to help others do the same.

In this video I get real on my struggle with and recovery from disordered eating. I share how I discovered Body Positivity and how I work to accept and love myself a little more each day.

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